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Customize with Add Ons

Windows without tracks (up to 12)$40.00
Inside windows with tracks (up to 6)$40.00
Inside windows with tracks (up to 12)$80.00
Inside windows with tracks (up to 24)$100.00
Blinds (per set)$20.00
Interior stove$30.00
Interior fridge$30.00
Interior dishwasher$20.00
Walls (each)$20.00
Dishes (per load)$30.00
Loading dishwasher$10.00
Laundry (per load)$30.00
Changing bedsheets$20.00
Basement (no bathroom, 1000 square feet or less)$50.00
Basement (no bathroom, >1000 square feet)$60.00
Additional Basement Bathroom$30.00
Additional kitchen$70.00
Inside cabinets (per wall)$20.00
*If you have any special requests, not mentioned, please inquire.

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